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CD 269M Description

Sentence Translation Yes
Real Human Tutor Nil
Pronunciation Mode KK DJ
Live Voice Real Human Pronunciation Nil
Pronunciation Comparison Yes
Pronunciation Content Word, Phrase, Sample sentence, Multi-language dialogue, Full sentence bi-directional translation.
Chinese Input Method Smart Pinyin, HanYu Pinyin, Pinyin of Phrase, ChnHandwriting, Radical of Strokes, Total Strokes, Association function.
Screen Resolution 320 x 240
LCD Screen 2.8″
Device Color Black
Screen Color 260K TFT Color Screen
Size L 10.6cm / W 7.6cm / H 1.7cm
Weight 120g
Handwriting Yes
Internal Memory 2GB/40.8MB
Slot Setting 1 x Micro SDHC card slot
Battery Lithium Ion battery
Connection Interface USB2.0
Accessories Quick Reference Guide, Lithium Ion Battery, Leather Case, PC-LINK cable, PC-LINK Driver CD-ROM, Anti-interruption Charger, Handwriting Recognition Pen, Earphone.
Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary (Latest 7th Edition) Yes
Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary (6th Edition) Nil
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (4th Edition) * Nil
Kamus Sarjana * Nil
BESTA Eng-Chi Dictionary Yes
The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary (Chinese-English Edition) Nil
The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese (2th Edition) Yes
BESTA Chinese Dictionary Nil
BESTA Idiom Dictionary Yes
A Comprehensive Chi-Eng Dictionary (Completed Version) Nil
Kangxi Dictionary Nil
Kamus Perdana (Latest 3rd Edition) Nil
Chinese-Malay-English Dictionary Yes
Oxford Fajar Advanced Learner’s English-Malay Dictionary Nil
KAMUS DEWAN edisi keempat* Nil
KAMUS Inggeris-Melayu DEWAN * Nil
The Cambridge Encyclopedia Yes
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia (Bilingual Version) Nil
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia (Chinese Version) Nil
Kamus Pelangi Yes
Remarks *Card

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 23.8 x 17.2 x 6.4 cm


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