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CD1289M [FREE NSD52 Learning Card+Screen Protector]


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*Remarks: support/suitable for all 3 languages (CHI,ENG,MALAY)

International Authority, Highly Effective Learning 国际权威,高效学习

Features 特点 

  • Bahasa Malaysia Dictionary Series  独家国语大全
  • “Win at starting point” Pre-school Series  “赢在起跑点” 学前系列
  • Live Voice Real Human Pronunciation  Live Voice 发音系统/ 标准音标发音学习
  • Real Human Tutor  真人家教
  • Full Sentence Translation & Smart Comparison Wizard  真人口型同步演示
  • Chinese Stroke Character Learning  汉字笔顺演习与练习
  • 14 Countries’ Dictionary & Dialogue in 18 Languages  多国语言学习 – 14国辞典与18种外语


  • Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (7th Edition) — The World’s Most Authoritative
  • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
  • Comprehensive Chinese- English Dictionary Full Edition
  • The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese
  • 200 Professional Dictionaries
  • Britannica Concise Encyclopedia (Bi-Lingual)
  • Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary (8th Edition)
  • Oxford Fajar Advanced Learner’s (English-Malay)
  • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (4th Edition)
  • Kamus Perdana (Latest 3rd Edition)
  • Kamus Sarjana
  • Kamus Umum
  • Kamus Kembangan
  • Kamus Dewan (4th Edition)
  • Kamus Inggeris-Melayu DEWAN
  • BESTA Eng-Chi Dictionary
  • BESTA Chi-Eng Dictionary
  • BESTA Chinese Dictionary
  • BESTA Idiom Dictionary
  • The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese (2nd Edition)
  • A Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary (Complete Version)
  • Chinese-Malay-English Dictionary
  • Farseeing Medical Dictionary


  • 新增KAMUS KEMBANGAN《精编马华英》 – 篇幅最多
  • 新增KAMUS UMUM《新编马华大词典》 – 最大词库
  • KAMUS PERDANA《最新马华英 》- 完整的马华英3语注释
  • KAMUS SARJANA《新编华马大词典》 – 词汇最丰富的马华词典
  • 《汉巫英词典》 – 学习必备三语辞典
  • 最新内建Kamus Dewan 马马词典 – 国家语文局专业编选的马马词典
  • 最新内建Kamus Dewan 英马词典 – 学术界专家首选的英马参考依据
  • 《牛津高阶英汉双解词典》最新第8版
  • 《朗文当代高级辞典》第4版
  • 《现代汉语规范词典》第2版
  • 《大英简明百科全书》
  • 《汉英综合大辞典》


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CD 1289

Sentence TranslationYes
Real Human TutorYes
Pronunciation ModeKK DJ
Live Voice Real Human PronunciationYes
Pronunciation ComparisonYes
Pronunciation ContentWords, Phrases, Sentences, Multi-Nation Language Dialogue, Full Sentence Bi-directional Translation.
Chinese Input MethodSmart Pinyin, Hanyu Pinyin, Chinese Handwriting, Strokes, Total Strokes, Word/Phase Association.
Screen Resolution1024 x 600
LCD Screen7″ Color TFT
Device Colorchampagne gold
SizeL 19.12cm / W 10.43cm / H 1.8cm
Internal Memory32GB
Slot Setting1 x Micro SDHC (max 32GB)
BatteryLi-Polymer Rechargeable Battery (4100mAh)
AccessoriesConnectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.0, Mini HDMI v1.3, 3.5mm Earphone Jack. Power Source: DC 5V 2A or USB 5V 1A.
Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary (Latest 7th Edition)Yes
Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary (6th Edition)Yes
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (4th Edition) *Yes
Kamus Sarjana *Yes
BESTA Eng-Chi DictionaryYes
BESTA Chinese DictionaryYes
BESTA Idiom DictionaryYes
A Comprehensive Chi-Eng Dictionary (Completed Version)Yes
Kangxi DictionaryYes
Kamus Perdana (Latest 3rd Edition)Yes
Chinese-Malay-English DictionaryYes
Oxford Fajar Advanced Learner’s English-Malay DictionaryYes
KAMUS DEWAN edisi keempat*Yes
KAMUS Inggeris-Melayu DEWAN *Yes
The Cambridge EncyclopediaNil
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia (Bilingual Version)Yes
11 LanguagesYes
Remarks* Card
Weight1000 g
Dimensions22.9 × 15.9 × 7.8 cm


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