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CD767M (FREE CD128M)

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*Remarks: support/suitable for all 3 languages (CHI,ENG,MALAY)

  • 8 Exclusive Malay Dictionaries
  • Global Sales Champion – Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (7th Edition)
  • Real Human Tutor
  • The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese (2nd Edition)
  • Live Voice Pronunciation
  • Demonstration Of Lip Movement
  • 200 Professional Dictionaries



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English Dictionaries
Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary
With approximately 300,000 searchable words, 43,000 sample sentences. Uses upgraded Live Voice with real human voice pronunciation. Includes the word form, spelling, roots, meaning, variation, synonym & antonym and related words.
Explains key points with innovative real human teaching to help learning.
Provides sample sentences, grammar, explanations, word components, phrases and multimedia data for reference. Users can cross search in Oxford dictionary.
Oxford Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary (7th Edition)
The latest 7th edition includes 180,000 words, phrases and definitions, 85,000 sample sentences.
Specially includes Oxford section and appendix, provides new words with approximately of 2,000 phrases and color illustrations.
Includes topics in arts and science, business, and technology.
Explanations in English-English/ English-Chinese provide both English and American pronunciations, spelling and usage guidelines.
Provides standard pronunciation, displays KK/DJ phonetic symbols and fast search with 7 categories of entries.
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (4th Edition)
Contains up to 207,000 entries. Includes natural examples that bring English to life, sentences from books and newspapers, frequent words in spoken and written. English highlighted words phrases and near-synonyms.
Malay Dictionaries
Kamus Perdana (3rd Edition)
Exceeds 90,000 entries (including vocabulary entries, derivatives, compound words, etc.)
Vocabulary entries include latest terms in all subjects and fields.
The meanings of the vocabulary entry and the derivative in Malay are given similar meanings as far as possible as well as their opposites.
The meanings are given in three languages (Malay, Chinese and English) and they are really useful to users.
Kamus Kembangan
49448 entries, 42255 prefixes and suffixes, 37816 collocations – the largest in number among dictionaries in the same category.
A phonetic transcription, word origin, part of speech and its field are indicated after every entry; prefixes and suffixes, together with collocations also have these indicative marks wherever applicable.
Abundant compound words and numerous sample sentences complete with Chinese translations.
Verbs in passive voice included.
Kamus Umum
56590 root words, 25958 derivatives, 69045 phrases and 1470 reiterative.
Malaysia’s largest thesaurus dictionary.
Kamus Sarjana
Contains up to 150,000 entries. Precise sentence examples, diverse word description, construes the meaning of phrases, along with the explanation in the Malay language.
Equipped with the latest vocabulary, terms, idioms, unique phrases and so on. Provides similar expressions and words with multiple pronunciations which enable one to apprehend a particular term with more efficiency.
Chinese-Malay-English Dictionary
Contains up to 17,000 entries.
Exceeds the common terms and vocabularies for the students.
Kamus Dewan (3rd Edition)*
Contains up to 82,900 words and including 34,578 entries.
Includes technical terms from different fields.
Detailed explanation, a wide range of phrases and extra.
Definitions are updated along with development in Malay language.
Kamus Ing-Mel Dewan*
Over 38,000 headwords, together with derivatives, and a wide range of phrases and phrasal verbs.
Includes standard everyday words, with a selection of informal, literary, and technical terms.
Exhaustive treatment of entries providing detailed information about the source and target languages.
Thoroughly tested equivalents and illustrative sentence examples to help users translate English passages and texts into Malay.
Oxford Fajar Advanced Learner’s English-Malay Dictionary
Contains up 57,100 entries.
Includes technical terms from different fields.
A lot of illustrations to attract the user.
Chinese Dictionaries
The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese (2nd Edition)
Approximate 72,000 entries and 80,000 examples which reflect the most recent changes of Chinese.
5,500 tips on the fallibility & easily confused character pattern, pronunciation, meaning and usage in Chinese of middle & higher level exams.
More than 800 group analyses help to master the differentiation of commonly seen near-synonyms and polyphonic words.
Over 2,600 entries of new vocabulary and usage which reflect the characteristics of the era and 60 colourfully elegant illustrations that help to increase the interest in language learning.
Chinese Idioms Dictionary
With approximately 13,000 commonly used Chinese idioms, providing synonyms, antonyms and origins.
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia
Built-in with more than 6 million words, approx. 30,000 phrases and with English/Chinese references.
Contents include Natural Science, Engineering Science and Technology, World History and etc.
Sentence TranslationYes
Real Human TutorYes
Pronunciation ModeKK
Live Voice Real Human PronunciationYes
Pronunciation ComparisonYes
Pronunciation ContentWord, Phrase, Sample sentence, Multi-language dialogue, Full sentence bi-directional translation.
Chinese Input MethodSmart Pinyin, HanYu Pinyin, Pinyin of Phrase, ChnHandwriting, Radical of Strokes, Total Strokes, Association function
Screen Resolution480 x 272
LCD Screen5.0 “
Device ColorSilver
Screen ColorWQVGA 16M TFT Color Screen
BatteryLithium Ion battery
Connection InterfaceUSB2.0
AccessoriesQuick Reference Guide, Lithium Ion Battery, Leather Case, PC-LINK cable, PC-LINK Driver CD-ROM, Anti-interruption Charger, Handwriting Recognition Pen, Earphone.
Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary (Latest 7th Edition)Yes
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (4th Edition) *Yes
Kamus Sarjana *Yes
BESTA Eng-Chi DictionaryYes
The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese (2th Edition)Yes
BESTA Chinese DictionaryYes
BESTA Idiom DictionaryYes
A Comprehensive Chi-Eng Dictionary (Completed Version)Yes
Kangxi DictionaryYes
Kamus Perdana (Latest 3rd Edition)Yes
Chinese-Malay-English DictionaryYes
Oxford Fajar Advanced Learner’s English-Malay DictionaryYes
KAMUS DEWAN edisi keempat*Yes
KAMUS Inggeris-Melayu DEWAN *Yes
The Cambridge EncyclopediaNil
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia (Bilingual Version)Yes
Weight1000 g
Dimensions23.7 × 17.2 × 6.3 cm


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