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脸书直播配套 BM118 + SPBM118 + ST18 + LCD WRITING TABLET


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The simple 3-Step learning approach of BM118 Learning Pad:

“Learn” – Study guidance/ tutorial after school plus total understanding of the KSSR Textbook makes the most thorough in study explorations.
The study guidance/ tutorial after school specially designed for Chinese primary school pupils is compliant with the KSSR content.
Standard 1 – Standard 6 (BM & English) Textbook Vocab Glossary + Informative Text Guidance References create no limitations/ boundaries for kids to learn and study as a tutorial at home.

“Explore” – Glossary vocab enhanced with shrewd change & mastery of grammar results in the high score of writing essays.
The trilingual dictionaries edited by experts perfectly help kids with their homework/ exercises in BM, English & Chinese.
The UPSR syntax experts teach to analyze & explain what’s behind grammar, use proper words, change grammar thus overcome sentence-making and essay-writing problems.

“Test” – Test papers from outstanding schools, Standard 1 – Standard 6 Exercise Tests help Chinese primary school pupils to easily achieve high scores.

Through the 3-step learning approach, kids are able and easy to shrewdly, quickly and correctly solve questions, and finally make high scores!
On the 5 main subjects- BM, Chinese, English, Mathematics and Science, practice with Std.1 ~ Std.6 Textbook Module Exercises and UPSR models test papers enhanced with the “See More, Think More and Do More concept” that is essential to learning.

BM118 电子书包简单3步学习法 :

“学”课后辅导, KSSR课文教材全解 → 最深入的学习探讨



1) 大屏学习,超清护眼效果非常赞,配件升级,更大更快更好。
10.1 英寸
1920 x 1200 分辨率
IPS 智能护眼系统 , 预防近视
相机:233°智能翻转摄像头; 2×1200W像素(2400W感光单元)

2) 电池超长续航,五天连续学习不打烊。
5400mAh 高容量锂电池

3) 大容量存储,海量学习内容,学习永不停止
128GB 储存内附 ROM
4GB 运行内附 RAM

SKU: BM118 - 脸书直播配套 Category:
Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 28.4 × 21.4 × 6.4 cm


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