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The simple 3-Step learning approach of BM109 Learning Pad:

“Learn” – Study guidance/ tutorial after school plus total understanding of the KSSR Textbook makes the most thorough in study explorations.

  • The study guidance/ tutorial after school specially designed for Chinese primary school pupils is compliant with the KSSR content.
  • Standard 1 – Standard 6 (BM & English) Textbook Vocab Glossary + Informative Text Guidance References create no limitations/ boundaries for kids to learn and study as a tutorial at home.

“Explore” – Glossary vocab enhanced with shrewd change & mastery of grammar results in the high score of writing essays.

  • The trilingual dictionaries edited by experts perfectly help kids with their homework/ exercises in BM, English & Chinese.
  • The UPSR syntax experts teach to analyze & explain what’s behind grammar, use proper words, change grammar thus overcome sentence-making and essay-writing problems.

“Test” – Test papers from outstanding schools, Standard 1 – Standard 6 Exercise Tests help Chinese primary school pupils to easily achieve high scores.

  • Through the 3-step learning approach, kids are able and easy to shrewdly, quickly and correctly solve questions, and finally make high scores!
  • On the 5 main subjects- BM, Chinese, English, Mathematics and Science, practice with Std.1 ~ Std.6 Textbook Module Exercises and UPSR models test papers enhanced with the “See More, Think More and Do More concept” that is essential to learning.

BM109 电子书包简单3步学习法 :

“学”课后辅导, KSSR课文教材全解 → 最深入的学习探讨

  • 专为在籍华小生而设计的“课后辅导”,符合小学标准课程(KSSR)的内容。
  • 一至六年级国英课本生字词典,课文资料。小孩在家也能课后辅导。
  • 巩固练习等学习内容,帮助孩子看透课本打稳基础!


  • 由专家编撰的3语词典,完美帮助孩子学习三语课业。
  • UPSR语法专家教你破解语法的奥妙,用对词汇,改变语法,造句作文没烦恼。


  • 让孩子通过3步学习法,能够轻松做到“巧解题,快解题,解对题,得高分”。
  • 针对五大学科–国语-华语-英语-数学-科学,跟着课本一对一单元分级复习及UPSR模拟试卷。



1) 大屏学习,超清护眼效果非常赞,配件升级,更大更快更好。

  • 10.1 英寸
  • 2560 x 1600 分辨率
  • IPS 智能护眼系统 , 预防近视
  • 高通骁龙 (Snapdragon) 64 位八核处理器

2) 电池超长续航,7天连续学习不打烊。

  • 8000mAh 高容量锂电池

3) 大容量存储,海量学习内容,学习永不停止

  • 64GB 内附
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Screen Resolution 800 x 1280
LCD Screen 10.1″ IPS Screen
Device Color Champagne Gold
Screen Color WXGA Color Screen
Internal Memory RAM 1GB, ROM 32GB
Slot Setting Micro SD
Battery 6000mAh Lithium Ion battery
Connection Interface Type-C
Handwriting Yes
Sentence Translation Yes
Real Human Tutor Yes
Pronunciation Mode Yes
Live Voice Real Human Pronunciation Yes
Pronunciation Comparison Yes
Pronunciation Content
Chinese Input Method
Accessories Charger, Type-C Cable, Casing
Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 28.4 × 21.4 × 6.4 cm


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