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*Remarks: based on Malay & English usage


  • Live Voice and Pronunciation Comparison Technology.
  • Islamic learning complete with Islamic Scholars.
  • Complete learning of Malay, English and Arabic which includes grammar, proverbs, idioms and many more.
  • Contains 14 languages’ dictionary.
  • Quick learning of multiple categories with trilanguage illustration.
  • Quality references from comprehensive dictionaries such as Kamus Dewan and Oxford Fajar.
  • Detailed Arabic learning including dialogues and vocabularies with examples.

Penerangan Produk 

  • Live Voice dan Pronunciation Bandingan Sebutan.
  • Pembelajaran Bahasa Arab / Islamik.
  • Penguasaan Bahasa Melalui tatabahasa , peribahasa dan lain-lain.
  • Mempelajari Bahasa asing di dunia melalui kamus 14 Bahasa.
  • Fungsi enjin carian untuk memudahkan semakan perkataan dengan cepat.
  • Sumber berprestij termasuk kamus dewan dan Oxford Fajar.
  • Tatabahasa Bahasa Arab , Bahasa Arab Berilustrasi , Tokoh Islam.


  • Oxford Fajar Advanced Learner’s (English-English-Malay)
  • Oxford Fajar Advanced Learner’s (English-Malay)
  • Kamus Perdana (Latest 3rd Edition)
  • Kamus Dewan (4th Edition)
  • Kamus Inggeris-Melayu DEWAN
  • Chinese-Malay-English Dictionary
  • Britannica Concise Encyclopedia (Bilingual Version)
  • English-Malay Dewan
  • Arabic-Malay
  • Malay-Arabic
  • Malay-English Perdana
  • Chinese-Malay-English
  • Malay-Chinese-English


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MD 881

Pronunciation Mode KK DJ
Live Voice Real Human Pronunciation Yes
Pronunciation Comparison Yes
Pronunciation Content Word Phrase, Pronunciation word by word, Highlighted word, Multi Language Dialog
Screen Resolution 320 x 240
LCD Screen 3.5″
Device Color White
Screen Color QVGA TFT 16 Bits
Size L:11.5cm W:8cm H:1cm
Weight 180g
Handwriting Yes
Internal Memory 2GB
Slot Setting Up to 32GB SHDC Card
Battery Litium Ion 3.7V/700mAh
Connection Interface USB2.0
Accessories User Manual, Lithium Ion Battery, Pouch, Earphone, Charger, PC Connection Cable, PC-Link CD, Stylus
Kamus Perdana (Latest 3rd Edition) Yes
Chinese-Malay-English Dictionary Yes
Oxford Fajar Advanced Learner’s English-Malay Dictionary Yes
KAMUS DEWAN edisi keempat Yes
KAMUS Inggeris-Melayu DEWAN Yes
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia (Bilingual Version) Yes
Oxford Fajar Advanced Learner’s (English-English-Malay) Yes
Dewan 4th Edition Yes
English-Malay Dewan Yes
Malay-Malay Utusan Nil
Arabic-Malay Yes
Malay-Arabic Yes
Britannica Encyclopedia Yes
Malay-English Perdana Yes
Chinese-Malay-English Yes
Malay-Chinese-English Yes
14 Languages Yes
Slanga Yes
Animation Yes
Illustration Yes
Law Yes
Medic Yes
Math & Science Yes
Remarks MSD81
Weight 800 g
Dimensions 23.6 × 17.2 × 6.2 cm


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