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NSD58 Learning Card 精英秘笈学习卡



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Eight learning areas:

1) Grammar Classroom

  • Include grammar learning features of Malay, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Also include information of mathematics, science and medical science.
  • Introduce grammar patterns with simple and practical explanations, as well as concise samples and additional learning exercises.
  • Provide real human voice pronunciation with Chinese notes to let you learn grammar easily.
  • Understand and master the basic grammar structure of the three languages effectively with variety of learning methods.
  • Provide attracted animation with visual effects and real human voice explanations to promote learning interest.

2) Common Mistakes

  • Understand common grammar mistakes of the three languages to prevent recurrence.
  • Correct common misspelled words to build a solid language foundation.
  • Speak in grammatically correct sentences to learn proper and standard grammar.

3) Making Sentences

  • Exclusively contain more than 2000 practical sample sentences, help you to master commonly used sentences.
  • Provide more than three sample sentences for every vocabulary, allow you to make fluent sentences quickly.
  • Build a solid writing foundation and enhance you sentence making skills.

4) Writing Lesson

  • Include essays in three languages which are based on UPSR standard format and provide a variety of sample essays for reference.
  • Provide details of the essay format and guide you to master the writing skills efficiently.
  • Provide “Daily Learning Tips”, one tip a day, 365 tips a year to help candidates for preparation.
  • Build your writing skills gradually through additional interesting story series, encourage you interest and build confidence in writing, and to discover your writing potential.
  • Provide step-by step guide and answer tips to help you complete essay quickly, improve your writing skills and to write a good essay easily.
  • Provide business letter samples and email letter samples to improve your business English communication skills.

5) Examination paper Series

  • Provide 113 sets of the latest high quality mock examination papers which are authorized by Pelangi Pulisher to enhance ability of the candidates.
  • Allow you access the mock examination anytime to practice before the examination and strengthen confidence to overcome challenges.
  • Provide answers and analysis to let you understand all the questions, answer accurately and quickly.
  • Provide “Key Summary” for you to review the main points of the subject quickly and fully prepared before the examination, score high in the examination easily.

6) Examination Dictionary

  • Provide exclusively developed examination dictionary for candidates to search the information, related topics and similar topics easily by entering the keyword.
  • Learning while searching the heavy and repeated contents of the books to achieve fast-learning, and save your valuable time.
  • Get your search result immediately by using keyword search, also included analysis of the past year examination papers and reference range.

7) Reference books of five subjects:

  • Include all major teaching subjects in the schools, digitized and presented the black and white contents colourfully.
  • Include syllabus, exercises, answer analysis, mock examination paper, and writing lesson. Now you can put aside the heavy reference books and school bag to read the information conveniently.
  • In addition, you can get the related exercises and knowledge immediately through exclusively search function without overwhelmed by the large amount content.

8) Video Classroom

  • After mastering a series of learning, we can also practice speaking through interactive video and audio lessons.
  • Learn conversational skills through a series of daily dialogue film in Chinese and English.
  • Include <Three Characters Classic>, < Thousand Characters Classic > and moral education, improve moral values through the film of < The Rulesof Ethical Behaviours > ( Di Zi Gui).
  • Learn easily through interesting interactive multimedia learning platform that combined with educational and knowledge.

Additional Malay Tips

  • Contents are divided into three UPSR categories, Tatabahasa / Pemahaman / Penulisan, practical, easy to learn and effective.
  • Sound animated teaching, bi-directional explanations, answer techniques, interesting learning game.
  • Provide help for vocabularies, key points of the questions, answer tips, exercise analysis.



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