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*Remarks: support/suitable for all 3 languages (CHI,ENG,MALAY)

4 Authoritative Dictionaries Suitable for All Levels

5 Main UPSR Subjects Based on KSSR Curriculum

  • Exclusive KAMUS PERDANA Malay-Chinese-English
  • Exclusive KAMUS SARJANA Chinese-Malay
  • Global Sales Champion- Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 8th Edition
  • Illustrated Dictionary @Multi-Media Learning
  • The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese
  • Professional Dictionaries
  • Multinational Languages
  • Kamus Simpulan Bahasa/ Peribahasa/ Penjodoh Bilangan

4 大权威辞典适合各阶层人士使用

5 大学科根据 KSSR 课程编写

  • 独家 KAMUS PERDANA 《最新(马华英)马来语大词典》 – 学校最广泛使用
  • 独家 KAMUS SARJANA《新编华马大词典》 – 词汇最丰富的华马词典
  • 收录全球销量冠军辞典《牛津高阶英汉双解词典》 最新第 8 版
  • 彩色多字手写、百科图解多媒体学习
  • 收录《现代汉语规范词典》
  • 多本专业词典
  • 14国多国语言辞典
  • 马来成语 / 谚语 / 量词词典

*Build In 16GB Learning Card (内置 16GB 精英秘笈学习卡)

SKU: CD393M [BMO] Category:

CD393M Description

CD393M Desc EN

Screen Resolution 320 x 240
LCD Screen 3.5″
Device Color Dark Blue
Screen Color Color Screen
Internal Memory 16GB
Slot Setting
Battery 840mAh
Connection Interface
Handwriting Yes
Sentence Translation Yes
Real Human Tutor No
Pronunciation Mode KK DJ
Live Voice Real Human Pronunciation Yes
Pronunciation Comparison
Pronunciation Content Word, Phrase, Sample sentence, Multi-language dialogue, Full sentence bi-directional translation.
Chinese Input Method Smart Pinyin, HanYu Pinyin, Pinyin of Phrase, ChnHandwriting, Radical of Strokes, Total Strokes, Association function
Accessories User Manual, Lithium Ion Battery, Pouch, Earphone, Charger, PC Connection Cable, PC-Link CD, Stylus
Weight 400 g
Dimensions 16.9 × 17.2 × 6.3 cm


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