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  • Full High-Definition (HD), Night Vision, Large Wide-angle, Car Parking Monitoring.
  • 24 hours of continuous infrared monitoring, using 5 frames per second (fps) low-power technology, so that the parking is still locked after the monitoring function, even in the dark.
  • Intelligent Low-Power Protection: Parking Monitoring Mode with low power protection, if battery is less than 11.5V, the Car DVR will be automatically shut down to ensure that the car can be normal ignition.
  • 3 viewing modes of free switching:
    • 220 ° wide-angle mode,
    • 360 ° panoramic picture mode,
    • 360 ° panoramic VR mode.
  • FOC: Micro SD Card 16GB (Class 10)
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S700 Description

  • 摄影镜头 (ANGLE – FOV) 220° 广角,360° 全景上下画面模式和360°全景VR模式镜头 (FISHEYE LENS)
  • 无线连接 (Wifi) 有 (Yes) – Support 802.1 1b/g/n (OTCam APP)
  • 低能耗技术 (Low Battery Protection) 有 (Yes) – 电瓶低于11.5V时自动关机 (Battery below 11.5V Auto Off Mode)
  • 红外监控 (Infrared Monitoring) 有 (Yes) – 24小时监控 (24hrs Monitoring)
  • 多种显示模式 (Multiple Display) 有 (Yes) – 三种模式自由切换 (220° ,360°, 360°VR)
  • FOC: Micro SD Card 16GB (Class 10)

S700 Specification

Weight600 g
Dimensions25.2 × 16.2 × 6.2 cm


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